With the smartphone’s discovery, people are adopting new ways to utilize devices. With this technology disruption, people now prefer to perform computing tasks via mobile phones than desktop. With this, a growing number of users are preferring apps too. Ultimately, the application development industry is on its rise.

Interesting facts about the apps industry

• According to data from statistics, in the first 2020 quarter, android users got the liberty to select from a total of 2.56 million applications.
• Total number of apps on the Play Store has made it the biggest app store with the highest number of applications.
• However, Apple’s store has become the second largest one with approx. 1,85 million iOS apps.
• In 2019, a total of 204 billion applications were downloaded. While it has been forecasted that the digit will rise to 258 billion by 2020.

Both businesses and developers have realized that mobile technology is constituting both prior and future personal computing landscapes. Therefore, investing time and efforts in mobile applications is worth-considering.

BaaS is a practical solution

The traditional app development practices have lost efficiency due to the huge demand for developing and upgrading mobile apps. There is an instant need to devise a more cost-efficient, faster, and effective app development approach.

However, BaaS also known as Backend as a Service is one of the most practical approaches to overcome the present demand for mobile apps development effectively. It can cater to contemporary developers’ requirements.

Do you want to know how BaaS can help in improving the process of mobile apps development? Let’s have a look at the detailed overview given below:

BaaS- A futuristic approach for app development

BaaS aka MBaaS or Mobile backend as a Service offers developers with the right backend tools and needed infrastructure to develop apps. The BaaS providers also offer additional tools to help in taking care of storage, authentication, data management, geofencing, and more.
It means developers work without any stress of building or managing applications’ backend. This approach of app development can speed up the development process and will let developers focus more on frontend development.

Key features of BaaS

Here are key features of BaaS that you can experience with most of BaaS providers:

• Authentication
• APIs (REST of GraphQL)
• Notifications
• Cloud Code Functions
• Database
• File Store

Advantages of BaaS

Do you want to know how BaaS can benefit you in the development process? Let’s have a look at the info below to know how it can solve your multiple problems:

• BaaS can ensure faster application development processes
• You can minimize the cost of application development with BaaS
• BaaS helps developers to enhance applications’ aesthetics as well as user-experience.
• Get a better opportunity to improve your application management process.

Who can use BaaS to build applications?

Commonly, MBaaS platforms are being used by developers. For a computer user with no background or knowledge of writing programs or scripts, it can be challenging to use the BaaS platform. However, the following users can obtain massive benefits from BaaS:

Small businesses:

BaaS offers app infrastructure and backend programs, therefore; ventures don’t have to manage these on their own. Also, small businesses can reduce the development costs for their companies. Because all they need is the right BaaS platform with a front developer only.


BaaS allows developers with low backend programming and development skills to develop high-end applications for their clients with ease. They don’t have to be equipped with modern tools to build top-notch apps for their customers.

App development firms:

BaaS can offer value to multiple app development companies. It can let organizations develop applications faster. They can ever carry out their projects without hiring a new man to complete them. Ultimately, they can maintain an agile development team at minimum expense.

BaaS vs. Custom coding

Custom backends are losing their importance continuously because of the rise of BaaS services. Both of these approaches are workable for almost every assignment. However, which of these approaches you are going to adopt depends on your application type and preferences.

You just have to make a choice between two options given below, simply:

• Go for quick development with BaaS tools, select subscription, and have relaxing development experience.
• Pay for the custom build once that can be molded for your needs and attach your expansion strategy.

A quick comparison between custom coding and BaaS

Let’s have a look at a quick comparison between both of these development approaches to understand which of these can work better for you:

Development speed

When it is about speed development and time to market, then BaaS is a clear winner in the race. It is because with BaaS you need less time to accomplish your development cycle as well as to roll out your app in the market.

However, with a custom coding approach, the process will get slower.


Certain analytics draw attention to the fact that Baas isn’t as inexpensive as it is being considered mainly because of hidden costs in terms of subscriptions. But we can’t overlook the fact that custom development is not cheap at all. Even in this process, you have to pay once only, but it is a substantial amount of money.

However, the type of project and scale can determine which option can work better for you.


When it comes to custom integrations or possible custom code requirements, BaaS loses in this comparison segment. It is because BaaS offers limited options of third-party integrations only. While the custom code comes up with no limit and can work better here.

BaaS industry’s market size

According to MarketsAndMarkets, in 2014, the BaaS market was $0.79 billion. However, it has projected to reach $28.10 billion by 2020 at a CAGR of 84.2%.

The increasing cloud-based apps adaption is due to increased use of smart devices, mobile devices and applications’ proliferation, and rapid time to deploy demand. These are the factors that played a vital role in market growth during the forecast period.

• Back4app
• Firebase
• Kinvey
• Backendless
• Parse


BaaS is an efficient solution for developers who need to speed up their development projects without compromising on quality standards. It can help in reducing overall development and deployment costs too. Therefore, businesses and developers worldwide are opting for the BaaS approach.

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