If we discuss technology, there will be no end. Technology is a stepping stone that took this world into a new era. Along with the development of technology, other various fields also became rapidly developing. Such as, in the areas of communication, education, economics, and even politics. Here are some technological inventions that marked the beginning of the development of the world.

1. Incandescent light.

When you only have natural light, productivity is limited to daylight. Light bulbs change the world by allowing us to be active at night. Historically, two dozen people played a role in creating incandescent lamps throughout the 1800s. Then, Thomas Alpha Edison is credited as the primary inventor because he created a fully functional lighting system, including generators and cables and carbon filament light bulbs in 1879. When electricity was introduced throughout the Western world, this discovery also had somewhat unexpected consequences from changes in people’s sleep patterns.

2. Printing Machine.

Indeed the current era is more fond of the digital realm. But the existence of printing machines has changed the world globally. China knew him in the 11th century. Marco Polo brought this idea to Europe in 1295. Printing enabled a great deal of information to be recorded and distributed throughout the world. Then a German named Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing machine around 1440. This artificial printing machine increased the number of books that could be made, and thus caused a rapid and widespread knowledge for the first time in history. Twenty million books were printed in Western Europe in 1500.

3. Telephone.

Although some inventors did pioneering work on electronic voice transmission, Alexander Graham Bell was the first to be granted a patent for telephone electricity in 1876. This discovery quickly revolutionized business and communication global and communication. This invention also the forerunner of cell phones and smartphones that we now use as everyday communication tools.

4. Penicillin.

Penicillin is one of the most famous stories of discovery in history. In 1928, Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming noticed that the bacteria would fill the petri dish in the laboratory fully when the lid was accidentally opened. The sample is then contaminated with mushrooms. When the fungus is present, the bacteria will die. The antibiotic fungus is a fungus of Penicillium. Over the next two decades, chemists purified and developed penicillin, which can fight a large number of bacterial infectious diseases in humans without harming humans themselves.

5. Internet

The invention of technology that most changed the world was the internet. At first, the internet was built for the military interests of the US Department of Defense. They want to create a network system (web) computer that connects computers. The internet is almost the center of everyone’s activities. Ranging from looking for news, information, social networking, buying and selling, banking, and much more, we can do just by sitting in front of a computer screen or laptop. Even though there are many benefits, the internet also has a lot of bad influences that it creates as a domino effect. So, use the internet wisely and smartly.


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