Along with the rapid development of the e-commerce market, more and more business owners tend to expand their customer base, and most of the B2B transactions also move to online platforms.

At that time, e-commerce websites also require more features, security requirements are also higher. Magento is considered a safe choice that meets all those requirements.

This article will help you to solve that problem.

Let’s get started!

What is Magento 2 B2B?

Magento B2B is an eCommerce platform that allows businesses to streamline their online business activities.

It provides all the necessary features to be able to build a convenient and secure website that meets all requirements such as e-commerce integration or an automated portal.

Besides, many Magento 2 B2B extension packs are always updated including all solutions for B2B merchants to set up and upgrade their Magento stores. It also helps businesses easily manage their sales, goods, and customers. As a result, managers save a lot of time and resources. Spend time continuing to enhance your store’s online shopping experience, driving sales quickly.

What are B2B features in Magento 2?

  • Quick Order and Requisition Lists

The first feature of Magento B2B is quick ordering. This feature shortens the customer’s ordering process and makes it easier for them to find the product they need.

They simply upload the list of SKUs in a CSV file and add all the products to the cart with a single click. It will then automatically check inventory and notify customers if those products are in stock or not. From there, helping buyers save a lot of time.

Besides, creating a requirement list makes it easy for merchants to reorder products based on customer intent. It can be dynamically created and assigned to selected customers.

  • Purchase Order Management

The order management process is quite complicated. This function allows payment of orders to authorized customers. You can preset options like country, applicable payment method, and Minimum/Maximum Order Total. Customers can choose these options to pay for their order upon receipt of an invoice.

  • Company Account

As we all know, B2B businesses have many different target audience segments such as manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, etc who do not buy products and services for consumption purposes. So the B2B sales process is much more complicated than the B2C process.

The most complicated thing here is that not one but many people are involved in the buying decision. Therefore, corporate account functionality is absolutely essential for B2B businesses. It allows multiple users with previously installed roles and permissions.

In this way, many decision-makers can be informed with the most transparent, accurate, and fast information.

  • Advance quoting feature

When it comes to B2B transactions, price negotiation is considered a sensitive and extremely important step. Therefore, online price management needs to be handled wisely and flexibly. And Magento is a great helper for that. You can set prices, set up quote requests, and negotiate prices.

 When customers want to buy your products, they will contact you to negotiate further. With “Request a Quote” in Magento 2 Commerce B2B instance, wholesalers can submit a win-win price negotiation through a few steps:

  • Buyers request a quote
  • The seller reviews the quote and responds
  • The buyer receives a response and will move the quote to the cart.


  • Customized Catalogs and Price Lists for Customers

This feature makes it possible to customize your catalog and pricing tables to fit the specific needs of your business. You can easily create cast lists and reorder products based on customer intent, such as bestsellers or latest collections.

It also allows you to set prices according to the volume of goods that customers buy. Thereby, helping you speed up the selling process and deliver a great customer experience.

  • Security

By providing innovative tools to manage passwords and user permissions regarding access to your site, Magento B2B makes it easier to secure your site.

Only authorized users have access to your website. Additionally, they will be properly authenticated before they can view or make changes to any data.

Besides, Magento B2B comes with a bunch of built-in security features that help protect your online store from malware and hacks. These features include:

  • Magento 2 Two Factor Authentication (2FA): This tool adds an extra layer of security to your website. It requires users to enter a code from their mobile device to log in.
  • Magento Security Scan Tool: This module helps find potential security vulnerabilities and provides recommendations to fix them.
  • Magento Enterprise Edition Firewall: this tool helps block malicious traffic to your website.
  • Performance

Obviously, website performance is an incredibly important part of any B2B eCommerce website.

B2B customers often have less time to browse online. Therefore, you need to reduce load time by optimizing images and elements like front-end and back-end.

Magento B2B offers a wide range of plugins to compress images while uploading to your website. In addition, it offers several optimizations to reduce page weight and improve response time for customers.

Besides, the use of caching of page content and static content on Magento B2B’s server is another key to providing fast page loading.

  • Mobile-friendly

Optimizing Magento for mobile devices is an extremely important factor that determines the success of a business.

Optimizing this helps businesses improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. And Magento B2B offers some great features that help improve this like:

  • Automatically adjusts to any screen size
  • Friendly interface, easy to navigate on mobile devices
  • Manage multiple Magento stores from one central backend
  • Advanced analytics

This data analytics feature of Magento B2B makes it easy for you to track website performance and understand customer purchasing behavior.

It allows business owners to easily track sales, conversion rates, and other key data points. From there, help them come up with options to improve marketing strategies, product development, and overall operations.

These features make Magento B2B a great platform for businesses looking to streamline their online activities.

  • Support

This extension gives businesses the ability to manage a large number of orders and customers, connecting with accounting software to process orders in a reasonable way.

Magento B2B also offers pricing features to help businesses segment customers and offer customized pricing based on specific needs. From there, helping businesses save time and money

Alternatively, you can also use the chatbot to upsell and cross-promote items with ease and are available to answer any questions your website visitors may have 24/7.

  • Magento 2 B2B Marketplace Extension

Magento 2 B2B Marketplace also can create an online platform where businesses, customers, and suppliers around the world can connect, buy and sell with each other like Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

The Magento B2B Marketplace extension has various features built-in such as Quick Order, Quote system, Preorder, Seller Badge, etc.


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