The Independent Model (or freelancer)

Probably the easiest model to launch. Freelancers sell their time (and skills) to their clients in exchange for compensation. The initial bet is very low!

It is not necessary to buy factories, it is not necessary to buy shares, it is not necessary to buy premises and it is not even necessary to live in a city where the smallest studio costs 800 euros a month.

The Advantages of the Model are Numerous:

It is possible to resell practically any skill, depending on your passions (I can give you examples of freelancers who earn more than 100,000 euros in annual turnover, both with consultants and photographers, through graphic designers or communication specialists)

This model offers great flexibility and relatively few restrictions. It allows you to choose your pace and your living environment thanks to telecommuting. The more you specialize, the more you can attract exceptional customers and earn a living. Freelancers can also get discounted software.

But being independent also involves some challenges:

  • This model makes the employer very dependent on his time: if he does not work, he does not earn money
  • With this model, the entrepreneur cannot rest on his current missions and must always look for new
  • This model can give the impression of not building anything in the long term and having to start from scratch with each new mission, some freelancers run out after a few years.
  • You also get your own leads through marketing or cold emails

So my first strategic tip for freelancers is to imagine a galaxy of services, products, or activities around simply selling jobs.

The Blog Model

This model unleashes the magic of the Internet. The typical scheme is that of someone who loves to write, who masters natural referrals (the set of techniques that make a site go up on Google) that gathers many visitors to your site and manages to make a living from it.

There was a time when setting up a blog was an obstacle course and required an initial bet of several thousand euros. Today, with tools like WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace or Ghost, it is possible to create a site for a few dozen euros, in one day.

There are two main methods to achieve your figure: affiliation and advertising. The specialized vocabulary here speaks of “monetizing the audience”. This expression, which has the delicacy of a bear in a porcelain store, hides an unforgiving reality: the success of a blog depends on the quality of the visitors, their commitment and the size of this audience.

In another life, he had managed, with friends, to elevate a blog above the legendary milestone of 100,000 unique monthly visitors. But the engagement stopped, leading us to sell our (very) small business at a price worthy of the best sales.

I Love the Blog Template Because:

  • It allows you to express and live your passion, whatever it is
  • It is potentially unlimited and allows you not to depend on your time.
  • Once we have done this audience building work, this model offers many monetization opportunities.
  • But I know their difficulties well:
  • You have to spend a lot of time to attract visitors and build your audience
  • This audience must be large enough to generate enough income.
  • It is an unstable model and is subject to fluctuations in the algorithms of Google or Facebook.
  • More than other models, launching a blog requires patience. But what a joy to see such inspiring stories later!
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