We live in an age where everyone is highly dependent on the internet. From information to entertainment and from education to business, the World Wide Web is a big necessity. 

While there are countless websites and blogs out there, there are some that stand out and perform well. If you are thinking of developing a website for your business  and you want to have a successful website, here are 5 factors you should keep in mind.

5 Things to Keep in Mind During Website Development 

Below are 5 factors to give close attention to during web development. We have enlisted the most basic factors so you have a good foundation to start from. 

  1. Website Name
  2. Usability
  3. Hosting
  4. The Appeal 
  5. Speed

Now let’s get into the details of each factor separately. 

  • Website Name 

When someone searches about something on Google they get a list of websites to choose from. If they see that a website’s name seems relevant and professional, they tend to trust the site more. If the website appears irrelevant and spammy, the user quickly scrolls away. 

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, you should have a website name that is relevant to your business and the name should be brief. Also, make sure it doesn’t have characters like dashes, underscores, and slash symbols as they seem spammy at first glance. 

Let’s take the example of Wikipedia. The name indicates that it has something to do with an encyclopedia and the website does in fact act as a quick and simple way to gain information about all kinds of topics. Therefore the name works and makes Wikipedia one of the most popular sites. 

  • Usability

A website should be easy to understand, intuitive, and easy to use. The layout should be simple and  there should be a search menu to find things. The images should be clear and you should make sure you add necessary information where needed so the user can understand your products better. 

You can also add Chat Boxes so users can ask questions in case there is a query. Many customers find signing-in a long and daunting process, by allowing guest shopping you can make it easier for them to shop and improve your conversions. 

  • Web Hosting

Every website has a presence online.  Web-hosting gives websites slots on the web so they can be found. Depending upon the hosting and how good it is the user experience can be greatly affected. If you opt for free hosting, it would be a cost-effective decision but it’s neither secure nor fast. 

The user can experience slow website performance and you can face server issues as well. Plus there can be non-availability issues as well which is very dangerous for the reputation of the website. Therefore, choosing Web Hosting that offers support, is reliable, and safe is very important. 

  • The Appeal 

No one can deny the importance of good aesthetics when it comes to web development. A good-looking site with the right mix of colors, textures, and graphics catches more customers and appears to be more professional. 

Keeping things simple, to the point, and adding the necessary pop of colors can greatly enhance the feel of a site. Depending upon your unique business, you can choose a layout that conveys the right message. When a customer opens a website, he makes his decision within seconds about whether he likes the site or not. 

Thus with not a second to lose, you must use the right schemes for your website’s appearance. 

  • Speed

As we mentioned earlier, you only have a few seconds to make a good impression before a customer bounces back and leaves your website. One of the factors that make a good impression is speed. If the website loads fast and is easier to scroll through, it impresses the customer. 

Therefore, you should work on the right tools that make your website work faster while keeping all the functionality intact. You should make sure the images that you use are compressed before you add them and you should choose the right web hosting. 

Final Words

In this article, we went through 5 important factors to consider during website development. We explored that the website name, hosting, speed, usability, and appearance play a key role. If these factors are taken care of, a website becomes faster, more intuitive, and trustworthy to users. 

While the above tips are very basic, we recommend you start from here and then explore more areas of web development to further improve your site.

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