Have you ever seen a website and been like, “that’s a stunning website”? If so, you are looking at the work of a web designer who has worked countless hours to make that possible.

From color schemes to fonts and from the user’s experience to website structure, web design decides the look and feel of a website. 

To design a website, web designers are hired to do the job. The job, like any other field, comes with a ton of pros and cons. These pros and cons are what we will talk about in this article. 

Pros of Web Design 

Below are 3 advantages of having a career in web design: 

  1. Work from anywhere!
  2. High earnings
  3. Work on a variety of subjects

Now let’s discuss each benefit in detail: 

  • Work from Anywhere!

Website design is a field where you can work from anywhere. As you are working on something that exists inside your laptop, you can work from any location on earth where you can find a good internet connection. 

You can easily work from your house without the need to go to an office. That’s a plus if you are more comfortable with remote working and flexible deadlines. Plus, there is tons of material online on free web design training that you can try out to further improve your skills.  As you earn online you can learn online as well. 

  • High Earnings

While it depends on your abilities and strategies, the realm of web design is very promising and offers great earning opportunities.

According to a 2021 report, jobs related to business branding including web design, saw the highest average earning potential on Fiverr. 

That indicates the potential, web design holds for future web designers, while your success depends on your skills, this field is one promising venture. 

  • Work on a Variety of Subjects

Some jobs can get quite boring at times. The same old stuff can lead to exhaustion and you might feel like you are stuck in a tiny box. Luckily, web designers don’t face this issue as they can work on multiple things. 

From simple blogs to big tech company websites, they can work on a variety of subjects that keep them excited and motivated. 

Cons of Web Design

Below are 3 drawbacks to a career in web design:

  1. Free website builders 
  2. Rapidly changing field
  3. Long hours of Work

Now let’s discuss each drawback in detail: 

  • Free Website Builders 

We are all aware of platforms like Wix, SquareSpace, and many more which help users create free websites. From pretty templates to rich features, these platforms can create the website of your dreams in minutes. 

That’s not all. These platforms also provide analytics and SEO tools so you can evaluate your progress in no time! With such tools, the need for a website developer has largely decreased and thus one of the cons of website development as a career, is that it’s a field which faces too much competition! 

  • Rapidly Changing Field

The internet and its contents change very rapidly with new trends emerging, replacing old ones. Web design suffers the same fate with new elements becoming in demand. That requires web designers to be on their toes all the time. 

If they don’t stay up-to-date and don’t learn new things like computer languages, tools, and software, they can be left behind. That is something that no one wants but it’s a hard truth that every newbie should know.  

  • Long Hours of Work

Web designers work around tight deadlines. These deadlines become harder to match with varying client demands. This can be stressful and at times overwhelming. On top of that, when you deliver a project, you are bound to make changes as the client desires. 

Sometimes you might need to make changes in the given deadline without any extensions adding to the stress and anxiety. Yet, it is manageable if you think the results are worth the time! 


In this article, we talked about 3 pros and cons of web designing as a career. We found the field to be high-paying, flexible, and multifaceted. You can get paid well, you can work from home or any location with good internet. 

You can also work in different fields to change your mind and to avoid boredom. 

Yet, being a web designer, you face a lot of competition, you need to stay up-to-date and you have to work long hours. Those are tough things to face! 

But, at the end of the day, it’s a matter of choice, interest, and will, that should decide your career. Web design is a growing area with so much to offer, it all comes down to what you are looking for and what you can sacrifice on the way!

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