Whenever we look around, we see people glued to their phones carrying out tasks of different nature. Whether it is related to work, education or leisure, people are making the most of the smart technology.  There are various kinds of software available for each task. As per the survey by Flurry, mobile users spend 90% of their time on apps as compared to mobile websites.

There are over 1 million applications in the major app stores, and the number keeps on increasing with each day. Businesses understand the importance of this platform, and they realize how significant it is to strategize around the mobile experience. We also see that app markets provide an opportunity for people with creative ideas to rise as virtual entities and make money through their digital operations.

The chances of app discovery are quite slim considering the densely populated app market. An average user only installs a handful of applications and does not even use them all. It is a challenge for an app to get discovered in a sea of competition. The key to success is that you develop an app that fulfills the need of the user and does it with incredible precision. Exceptional performance is what makes your app stand out from others.

Android is an operating system that enjoys a significant status in the digital market. Its share in the market has increased aggressively over the years. It is projected to account for 85% of all smartphone shipments in the world by 2020.

With this in consideration, it is easy to understand why there is a large number of applications on the Google Play Store. Developers aim to generate maximum revenue, and they go through different lengths to make sure their app hits the top grid. To make things easier, below are some ways you can use to make sure your app does well on the Android platform:

Use keywords in the name

Research by Tune shows that using keywords in the app name can result in a 10.3% increase in the ratings. When a user types keyword in the search bar, the Google store instantly starts scanning for that in the names. The name with the keyword appears at the top of the list. However, one needs to know how to play with words. Stuffing keywords in the app name make it look spammy.

Provide a solution

The secret to product success is that it fulfills the customer needs. Before you set out to develop an app, find out the ultimate issue of the customer that you aim to fix. There might be plenty of apps of the same nature in the Google Store. This means you have to go one step ahead and improve on the concept laid by competitors. Although aesthetics are an important part of the app, it will turn out to be useless if there is no specific purpose. Developers must carry out thorough research to identify the pain points of the customers. This examination will provide an insight into the problems they need to solve and will give them a clear vision.

Focus on real value

Your app must have a unique value. Users yearn for speed and convenience. As a result, the function that you provide through the application must deliver something of substance. It could be a utility, conveyance, entertainment or any other facility. An app with seamless features, zero distractions, and instant service provision ensures that it successfully delivers the intended value.

Read more code

Most developers forget the basic rule that they must stay in the learning loop at all times. Instead of writing all that you know, you must look into the code structure of other developers. Reading the codes of experienced developers will help you to understand the concepts that make their codes different. One can start by searching in open-source libraries or apps. These will provide you an insight into codes that you never knew before and feature implementations that were not in your knowledge.

Test in real time

Testing an app before the launch is vital. Users may not utilize the app in the same way as you intend them to. Start by downloading it on the lowest-end devices that some users may have, then keep notes for even a slight stutter or delay. Make sure that the app stays open for a long time to measure its performance over a wider period. Next, go out in public spaces and use your app there to find how it works on other networks. You should also make sure that no security threats are tagging along. For this purpose, you can use AirG spam free tools to weed out the critical elements.

After the first stages of the check-up, you can ask other people to try out your app and give feedback on its usability. Gathering these insights can also help you to design an effective user interface for your application.

Provide offline usage

Most of the apps require an internet connection to function. And even though it is easy for users to access the internet these days, you should make sure that your app can function well offline. It is difficult for some applications to incorporate this feature, such as Uber. Because they have to connect two ends. For apps like these, you can give the data which they will use later. This will allow them to continue their task once the connection is back. Offline content provides a substantial benefit and allows the company to foster a positive user experience.

Mobile app development is a long journey. Profits and acknowledgment are not come right away, but you must have dedication, strategy and energyy to strive for long. You need to keep your user at the center and work to prioritize performance over every other aspect. When you do this, it is highly probable that you will make it to the top of the app store. Eventually, the user wwillestablish a deep connection with your brand.

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