The internet is a computer network that is internationally connected and spread throughout the world. This network includes millions of computer planes that are connected by utilizing telephone networks. This network allows various applications to be carried out between computers in the internet network with the support of software and hardware needed. The user must have an application program and a data bank that provides information and data that can be accessed by other parties who are members of the internet. The Internet is also one of the computer networks that can connect with a computer so that they can join or communicate without looking at the type of machine. In 1999 internet users had reached 40 million and the number of users was increasing every day. The number of websites reached millions, maybe even trillions, the contents contained various topics. Of course, these sites are both positive and negative sources of information.

Information is confident if it has benefits to research. The following are some of the positive effects caused by the internet.

  1. Internet as a medium of communication.

In this case, the internet is a communication tool that is used by the public to communicate with other internet users found on the internet application. For example the chat application (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc.).

  1. Data exchange media.

By using e-mail, newsgroups, FTP, and www (world wide web) internet users around the world can exchange information quickly and cheaply.

  1. The media looks for information.

Every human being has information that must be known. The internet helps humans or users to provide all the information they need. For example, one internet site that is often used by people in seeking information is Google and Youtube.

  1. Ease of transacting and doing business.

With the internet, we can facilitate trading business. Now many traders market their products through websites on the internet. The internet makes the consumer easier to choose and buy their goods. Of course, buyers can also pay for their transactions via the internet.

Besides the positive impact, the internet also has an adverse effect. The internet is often misused for bad things, one of them is rampant pornography. In anticipation of this, browser manufacturers complete their programs with the ability to choose the type of home-page that can be accessed. As a result of using a lot of behavior immoral or criminal. Besides pornography, the internet is also used as a fraud tool. The internet was not spared from the attack of fraudsters. The best way is not to heed this or ensure the accuracy of the information you get from the information provider. Why? Because of these things you are expected to be wiser and more prudent in using the internet.

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