Having a great, effective landing page that converts has become a winning strategy for every successful marketer. Furthermore, the creation of this excellent advertising tool has never been easier thanks to landing page builders.

Adding to this some statistics which show that the use of 30 or more landing pages can increase conversion for more than 60%, it becomes clear what your next step is.

If you want your eCommerce business to grow, landing pages must become your favorite tool. But in order to get the most out of launching your new landing pages, you should create them in the right way.

To complete this task properly, you must consider several really useful tips. Generally, there are some prerequisites for any good landing page. This is what you need to know if you want a landing page that skyrockets your conversion.

Define your goal and target audience

Before you even start creating your new landing page you should define its purpose. Do you want to generate leads and enlarge your mailing list or to sell your product or service?

Making your goal clear, you should choose the appropriate type of landing page. There are many options, so be sure that the chosen one best fits your goal.

Once you define your aim and type, you must think about your target audience. The best way to do this is to imagine your perfect clients. Think about their needs, tastes and expectations. Be sure that you are offering the right solution for them.

Optimize content and design

First thing you want to accomplish is to grab the attention of the visitors. The best way to do that is to use a clear attractive content and recognizable design.

Talking about content you should be sure that your text is short, precise and above all appropriate. Define your offer to be understandable, attractive, and true. Don’t use too much text, because it could distract your visitors from landing to your page.

Choose your fonts wisely. Actually, you should try to uniform visual identity of your landing page with the recognizable design of your brand. And don’t forget to use your logo.

Design really matters a lot. Pick your colors and pictures very carefully. Be sure that you have chosen the combination that presents your product or service in the best possible way.


Call to action (CTA) strategy

Of course, you want your leads to take some action. Actually, that is the thing you want most.

The best way to inspire them to become your customers is to use short, but effective messages. Some of them can be: Call now, Find out more, Subscribe for free trial, Get started today, etc.

Whatever strategy you choose, your call-to-action must be clear and visible. You can use text or buttons for this purpose. Of particular importance is the position and design of your CTA.

They should be placed in the right position, noticeable enough, but not too aggressive.

Conversion is the primary goal

Assuming that you have attracted visitors to land on your page, you have done a good job so far. But don’t forget your main goal! You should motivate the leads to become your future customers.

In order to stimulate conversion, you should consider providing leads with some resourceful value. That could be free sBook, free trial period, special gift or anything that can be useful or interesting for them.

Pressing the CTA is what your visitors to do. When they decide to subscribe, you should be ready to get the right information.

Besides their email, it could be helpful for your business to get more data about them. That can include their age, profession, marital status or anything that helps you to establish closer and more personalized relations with your customers. So ask the right questions in order to get the right answers.

How the greats do this

Furthermore, we will give you some examples of really awesome landing pages. Big companies have recognized the potential of this powerful tool, and they use them to a great extent.

Hence, let’s find out how they do it. It is not a crime to look up to the best and it’s well known that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh

This is an excellent example of how simplicity works. With short text, great photo and visible CAT this landing page provides you with all necessary information.  It’s clear that leads are immediately able to communicate their authentic home-cooked food and recipes.



Fabfitfun is a great example of a landing page with a visible and really an excellent CTA. High-quality images of items are contained in their mystery box. Once again, here is said a lot with only a few words. Great example to follow.

Danielle World

Danielle World

This is an example of a landing page that provides excellent social proof. They not only provide plenty of testimonials with sources from credible people, but they also share some testimonials and reviews from well-known celebrities such as Stevie Wonder, Tony Robbins, and Suzanne Somers. Simple, but effective photo and recognizable design. Good work indeed.



The OSI Affiliate’s landing page provides a brilliant example of trustworthiness by showing which brands use their referral marketing software. When you’ve got huge brands using your service you can showcase this as a most attractive phenomena to reach more customers. Because visitors will be glad to know that the service is used by big brands and visitors opt-in decision will be influenced in a positive way.



This landing page effectively explains who MeUndies are and what their products are all about. In only a few words they manage to pique the interests of whoever is reading and entices them to buy their underwear. Nothing to add and nothing to move. Just a great landing page.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club immediately gets to work offering you a product you just can’t refuse. It does a very good job of highlighting the problem they want to solve while also instilling a bit of curiosity with the product itself.

The video shown in the background features various, common people from different backgrounds using their products in various ways. It sends a strong message. You simply must press get started.


In order to help you to create the best landing page for you, we provided you with some tips and examples. But we can do even more. DragDroper is an intuitive, easy to use landing page builder that helps you to create your own landing page in a very short time. The best thing is that you don’t need to know absolutely anything about coding.

Designing landing pages has become a quick, simple and fun thing to do.  Try it and make the landing page that will skyrocket your conversions.

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