In order to acquire a competitive edge in the market, it is important to search for ways to improve conversion rates of your eCommerce store. Increase in conversions demands optimization of the features and functionalities in your relative eCommerce platform.

There are multiple things in the digital world you can enhance to attract customers. It is not all about provoking customer’s interest to make a purchase, instead, developing a community of converting customers can create a huge difference in your revenues. We are going to look at top ways to boost conversion rates of a Magento based eCommerce platform.

Custom Registration Fields & Attributes

These days you cannot generate a successful business if you are not aware of customer’s interests. It is significant to have customer insights. When the listed products are according to the customer needs, there will be huge progression in sales.

Merchants can make use of custom registration field and attributes extension to acquire data related to buying preferences of their customers. It allows integrating extra customer fields to the registration form so; you can start tracking your customer’s buying behaviors from the start.

Magento 2 custom registration fields extension comes with 13 types of field types and you can integrate them anywhere in the registration form. You can validate customer’s input data and can integrate multi-level dependable registration fields as well. Types of fields can be seen in the image below:


Gift Card

To make your customers inclined towards your business domain, it is ideal to entertain them with amazing optional features like gift cards. Often it becomes daunting for merchants to setup these features into their eCommerce platforms.

Have no worries, because Magento 2 gift card extension allows simple back-end integration without any hassle. It allows customers to send gift cards to their loved one and family members. Therefore, they can purchase freely on multiple occasions like weddings, birthdays etc.

Merchants can dedicate a separate page for gift cards and choose from three pricing models i.e. drop down, fixed or price range model. Customers have the advantage of customizing their purchased gift cards with pictures based on the relevant occasions.

Media Gallery & Product Video

The presentation of the content has a huge role in driving customers to the specific eCommerce channel. The alluring media files have proven to entice a huge number of web audiences.

Instead of displaying blunt product images with descriptions, why not to setup a dedicated media gallery page that is embellished with attractive images, videos and other media files alongside the product specifications.

The extension allows embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos to your website pages and makes it easy for customers to look for the intended media albums through filters. The merchants can adjust media files in number of ways and can integrate efficient social media buttons next to their content. For more understanding you can see the image below:


Pre-order & Back-order

Sometimes, it becomes important to enlist a product prior to its launch and setup its pre-order feature due to its seemingly huge demand in the market. Numerous eCommerce stores have successfully earned huge profits through this technique and have seamlessly increased their sales on high-end products.

In addition, instead of switching off the purchase option for out-of-stock products and waiting for its next delivery of stock, merchants tend to activate back-order option to overcome interruption in the product orders. Customers get the products delivered as soon they arrive in the inventory.

These both methods are extra effective and have proven to bring many fortunes for eCommerce stores. Integrating them into an eCommerce store is easy as pre-order and back-order extension allows smooth setup.

The extension allows activating pre-order and back-order option for multiple product variations and provides flexibility of manifesting a countdown timer that displays the remaining time for the product availability. Merchants can also display a custom message along.

Product Inquiry

Customers gravitate towards an online business if it facilitates diverse communication possibilities. There are many anomalies associated to the quality and durability of eCommerce products, if more than one vendor has listed products for sale.

It becomes important to address customer issues and to solve them instantly for a substantial growth in the business. Product inquiry extension allows customers to place a query or demand for information about a product or number of products.

Customers can place price quote requests for the listed products and all inquiries will be entertained through admin dashboard. All inquiries can be inspected and answered accordingly. After successful integration, the customers will be rendered with a short form where they can submit their requests or issues along with their personal information.

Final words

Either you have just started a new eCommerce business or already have an established business; you are always on the hunt of increasing revenues. Implementing advanced features to your eCommerce store could bring huge fortunes for your online business.

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