While most people hear the word ‘designer,’ they immediately imagine a fashionista who works for such a huge brand as Chanel or Prada and creates new clothing lines for the upcoming fashion seasons. Some people might also think about an interior designer as they hear this very word as well. We are used to narrowing the meaning of the word ‘designer’ and hang the tags on this profession, while in fact, the design is not only about expensive clothing and fancy apartments. As a matter of fact, pretty much everything you can find in the marketplace today was created and designed by somebody. That being said, the design is a huge and sophisticated business area that has lots of fields and branches.

One of the most developed fields in design is, certainly, web design. Every website you have ever visited was carefully crafted by a team of hardworking web designers. Thus, modern web designers are working on their projects almost 24/7 and always seeking some new trendy design solutions for those projects.

In fact, finding the patterns that will perfectly suit a particular project a web designer is currently working on is quite a task. Sometimes it takes weeks and months to find that very pattern. Fortunately, modern web designers have a pretty handy recourse that helps them keep up with the latest trends as well as find some fancy patterns for their projects.

This very recourse is MasterBundles. The company publishes great design bundles for affordable prices as well as some useful for web designers’ articles. So let us have a look at the 5 hottest design articles of this summer in order to find some cool and trendy patterns.

1. Floral Pattern in Web Design 2019 | Download Ai & PSD

Floral Pattern in Web Design 2019 | Download Ai & PSD is an article that focuses on floral prints in web design. In fact, the floral pattern has been known to humanity for centuries. Fancy and playful flower patterns first appeared approximately in the 14th century and were used in clothing and accessories as well as furniture and wallpaper. As a matter of fact, flower pattern is always in fashion, moreover, on a par with stripe, check, and polka dot, it is a classic pattern. So it’s not a surprise that this very pattern is widely used in web design. Flowers will make a perfect background for blogs, online stores, and personal websites. So if you are working on some kind of a flawless project, you might want to consider getting a floral background for it.

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2. Geometric – Luxurygold Pattern

Still looking for a working way to present an idea or company without running out of the budget? You can try working with Geometric in this case. Basically, this is a voguish social media strategy template that contains 20 patterns. They come in 300 dpi resolution and have 2 design options:

  • Luxurygold pattern with transparent white background,
  • white pattern with Luxurygold background.

Each of the elements inside the Geometric pack is high-quality and wholly user-friendly. You won’t need any special knowledge to work with them. What can you use these patterns for? In a word, these components are catchy enough to grab the attention of your prospects. It means that the products are perfect to be used for backgrounds. With it, you can easily design blog posts, business cards and promos, presentations, flyers, and much more. All the elements are 100% ready-to-print.

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3. 200+ Cactus Clipart 2019

200+ Cactus Clipart 2019 is dedicated to cactus clipart in design. Clipart is that very thing that has the power to make literally anything lovely. At the same time, cactus is quite an interesting design solution that can make your website truly frisky and rather extraordinary. The article offers a great selection of cactus clipart bundles including such fancy ones as Llama and Cactus Clipart Bundle, Cacti Watercolor and Cactus Watercolor, Boho Cactus Clipart, Watercolor Cactus in Pots, Succulents & Cactuses Design Set, as well as many more. This very article will be pretty useful for those web designers who want to jazz their projects a little bit by means of such frisky design solutions as cactus clipart.

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4. Organic Shape Pastel Background Pattern

Without a doubt, we live in a highly competitive era, which means it is not easy today to stand out. Would you like to highlight a company, business, or idea? Well, you can do it in a code-free way with the help of this elegant pattern pack. The set contains 4 organic shape pastel backgrounds. They are unique, high-quality, and easy in use. You can use these colorful elements to style a blog or any other kind of website. They would also be an ideal tool for social media promos and other adds. Plus, you can always use the patterns to design beautiful business cards.

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5. 40+ Premium Marble Backgrounds in Digital and Print Design 2019

40+ Premium Marble Backgrounds in Digital and Print Design 2019 tells about marble pattern and its use in web design as well as showcases some of the best marble backgrounds. Marble is indeed a classy solution for various types of websites, due to it’s breathtaking beauty, it will work the best for luxury online stores, blogs, and personal websites. Marble was first used in architecture and design by Ancient Greeks. The stone was used predominantly by rich people, which was explained by its expensiveness, and until today marble remains to be a representation of wealth and luxury. However, nowadays, unlike marble, the stone, marble patterns are not that expensive and are widely used in digital design. So if you are currently working on a fancy project, you might want to consider a marble pattern and this very article will help you find it.

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6. 37 Ice-Cream & Summer Snack Illustration Bundle

Look like this summer is almost over… But nobody actually is ready to say goodbye to these cozy summer days. Would you like the warm season to last forever? Well, you can’t change the rules of seasons, but you can grab some summer to put it into your designs. That is why I’ve added 37 Ice-Cream & Summer Snack Illustration Bundle in today’s selection.

So, what is waiting for you inside the pack? There are 37 sweet summer elements. All of them are high-resolution and have several popular formats, including:

  • .eps,
  • .ai,
  • .png.

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7. 10+ Birthday Postcards Collection 2019

10+ Birthday Postcards Collection 2019 is an article that offers a good selection of birthday cards for everyone. The birthday card is something we have to buy at least a couple of times a year. Of course, choosing a birthday card is not as tough as choosing a present, but if you want to find something truly special, you will have to work on it. Luckily, you can just check out this very article and find perfect birthday cards for your parents, siblings, special ones, or coworkers. So do not think too long and get some lovely birthday cards for your loved ones.

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8. Juice – Box Pack Product Mockup

Without a doubt, any business requires a lot of time in case you want to get success. However, there is no need to lose every second of your free time. You can try Juice instead and save a couple of hours without trouble. To put it briefly, it is a complete box pack product mockup which consists of 12 high-resolution .tif files. All the images you get are already cut out and absolutely ready-to-use.

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9. 200+ T-shirt Templates: Best T-Shirt Design Mockup Bundles 2019

200+ T-shirt Templates: Best T-Shirt Design Mockup Bundles 2019 focuses on the trendiest t-shirt mockup bundles of this year. This article will be pretty useful for those who want to demonstrate their bright personality with the help of a cool t-shirt. The article provides bold t-shirt design mockup bundles that anyone will fall in love with. For instance, the following bundles were highlighted in the article: 50 Vintage T-shirt Designs, Polo shirt Mock-Up, Women’s Bella Canvas T-shirt Mockup, T-shirt Mock-ups Big Bundles, as well as a T-Shirt – Apparel Mockups. Besides, there is a huge selection of pretty fonts as well. So if you need an outstanding t-shirt, check out this very article.

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10. 130 Floral Natural Illustrations Pack

Here is the last but not least product I want to share with you today. The name of the bungle literally speaks for itself. In a word, this eye-pleasing package contains 130 natural floral illustrations, like:

  • leaves,
  • branches,
  • flowers,
  • flower chains,
  • berries,
  • borders, and more.

Each and every painting comes in several useful sizes. What is more important, these designs are multifunctional. You can use them to craft different online and offline projects, from blogs to presentations.

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Final Thoughts

Web design is an extremely interesting field to work in. However, sometimes web designers have to face some challenges while working on their projects such as finding the perfect pattern of the font. Fortunately, such recourses as MasteBundles will always come to the rescue, in case you have any trouble. So catch up with the latest design fashion with these MasterBundles’ articles!

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