All through time venturing out into the workforce has been challenging. And although there’s a more diverse job scope in today’s world, the challenges are no different for the students of 2019. Digital skills have become an essential part of any career because most businesses have fully digitized their operating processes.

Because digital marketinghas become oneof the most sought after and popular careers in the last decade, the competition in thisparticular job market is extra fierce. So if you want to pursue a career in digital marketing it’s a good idea to arm yourself with the right skills set to give you a competitive edge over your peers.

Skills That Will Give You An Edge In The Digital Workforce

Upping your digital skills will give you an instant edge in the job market. With the right knowledge you will have the ability to branch out into any particular specialization in digital marketing (or anywhere else).

Here’s a helpful list of some of the most sought after skills in today’s digital workforce.

  • Social Media

It’s pretty safe to say that there isn’t a single brand or business that doesn’t have a social media presence. Luckily most of us use social media on a daily basis anyway so the concept isn’t entirely new. But in a professional capacity it’s little more complex than just posting a cute meme.

While you absolutely need to understand how each social platform works, you also need to understand the relationship between brands, influencers and their audience. Your social media skills should include the ability to create engaging content relevant to your brand, while also serving as an efficient source of information and means of communication between your brand and your audience. The ability to engage with your audience online has become an invaluable skill.

  • Content Creation

“Content is king” is a very popular phrases in digital marketing. This is because the ability to create content that is relevant, engaging, informational, interesting and fun is of the utmost importance in any digital marketing strategy or advertising campaign. This is why the ability to create this type of content across all forms of media such as blogs, websites and social media platforms is a cool skill to have.

  • Search Engine Optimization

As we already know, SEO is the practice of positively affecting the online presence of a website through the use of targeted keywords or phrases. When done correctly the result is an organic increase in traffic and a higher ranking for your website on search engine results pages. While it may seem a little technical, SEO is actually used on every website, blog or article found online. This is why having even just basic SEO skills can be greatly advantageous.

  • Work Well With Others

While this isn’t actually a digital skill, the ability to play well with others is a huge part of the digital game. Because of how directly and instantly brands are able to reach their audience/customers; you have to know how to communicate with them professionally. No one wants to have social media specialist on staff that gets into Twitter wars with an unhappy customer.

  • Creative Thinking

The digital universe is very creative. Everyone is vying to be the most original when it comes to developing and maintaining an online persona for your brand. The ability to think out of the box and not be afraid to push the boundaries on creativity is a valuable skill to hone.

Final Thoughts…

Being a part of the digital workforce is wonderful. Whether you’re just starting out or if you just want to update your existing skills a digital marketing course will help you cover a wide variety of complex and interesting material.This can lead to a variety of new career opportunities and advancements. It will also help you to keep up with the ever changing landscape of digital technology.


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