ECommerce trend continues changing like a breeze once in a while, and this is true for every platform; including Magento development. Even after the release of Magento 2 in 2015, merchants are making a major switch from Magento 1. However, it is a safe bet to say that the new platform is still on the way to realize its potential. After all, one cannot ignore the number of plugins available are quite interesting to think upon. Down below, I would like to share my list on top 15 Magento 2 extensions developed by certified professionals with significant review in regards to quality. Also, I can’t believe it’s free of cost!

1. Featured Products– This extension is on the top of my list as it comprises of a bunch of newly related item blocks that can be incorporate distinctive products or product mixes which can be programmed in a variety of ways. For example, item in the featured product can be comprised of a product name, custom photo, cost and ratings as well as an “add to cart button.” By doing this, merchants can easily display in blocks according to top vendors, products, and sorted by dates. At long last, Featured Product blocks can be incorporated into the sidebars or main content area of your website. Its key features include:

  • Creating an infinite number of blocks
  • Inserting blocks via CAM, layout, and widgets
  • Select product pictures to display in the block

2. Magento 2 SMTPThis free Magento 2 extension provides your store with a configurable host and port. As the time passes by, you will find yourself having more control over your email customization and run test sections on your Magento 2 SMTP server. This is sure to help your emails reach your customers without going into the spam box. Its key features include:

  • Supports 20+ SMTP service providers
  • Keeps all sent email logs
  • Testing if the current email setting is working properly or not
  • You can take more control on customization and running test section on Magento 2 SMTP server

3. Exto Analytics– Do you really think that running an ecommerce store without proper analytics is appropriate? Definitely not! It’s a waste of time and money. Remember, a business requires many marketing efforts, of course, on the basis of relevant data. In order to go beyond these limited functions of native Magento 2; try for an interesting extension such as Exto analytics. The analytical tool surely helps in gaining valuable insights regarding your business and choosing a better marketing strategy for your business. Its key features include:

  • It offers three reports: Sales Overview, Sales by Product, Sales by Category
  • In every report a date range picker
  • Ability to segment your data by store view, order status, order state
  • Chart to visualize the data for every report
  • To check on your business, you have this real-time mobile dashboard

4. Most Viewed Products– The Magento 2 extension allows one to show products which are seen the most by clients in your store. This also means you can pull in clients to purchase items without much hassle. In addition to this, it encourages you as a business to expand your deals. Also, demonstrating most viewed items utilizing a block, format, layout, or widget style is doable. In addition to this, you can pleasantly structure and isolate the most viewed items in a framework where you can choose your products physically. It provides a facility to display the most viewed items in a slider layout. Its key features include:

  • Flexible positions for most viewed product block style
  • Displays the Most Viewed Product in a Slider layout
  • Facilitates to insert the most viewed product in a block via CMS, layout, and widgets.
  • Disable the extension when not in use.

5. Store Locator– There are certain ecommerce owners who use their website to bring customers to their physical store. And this happens only because of store locator extensions. Being popular across the globe, the extension allows you to place all your stores on Google map. By doing this, your clients will be easily able to locate your business. Customers can search by postcode, city, or use their geolocation. Its features include:

  • Adding address, city, country, postcode, link, telephone, email, and images.
  • Adding directions from user location to store (irrespective whether you are driving or walking, cycling)
  • All you have to do is write everything in a CSV file and import it
  • SEO, Map Styles, and other stuff you won’t expect to find in a free extension

6. Products Attachment– I am sure many of you must be thinking that products require instructions or helpful tutorial exercises. But have you wondered assistant connects client guides, manuals or compresses documents to all items in your store. Do you need access to a specific record for a specific client gathering? This extension turns out to be a helpful file featuring a transfer tool permitting you to append records of different configurations and sizes quickly. For example, on the off chance that you sell garments, you can join such documents as guidelines advising how to get the correct size, manages dress consideration or recordings of garments on models. All you have to do is upload the fundamental record from your work area and choose the products to be associated with.

  • Oversee attachments per store see
  • Utilize a similar attachment for different items
  • Transfer records specifically on the item lattice
  • Include a boundless number of connections to items
  • Oversee documents permeability
  • Add a document to multiple product pages
  • Organize the attachment positions accordingly
  • Disable the extension when not in use

7. Google Tag Manager– This extension allows you to manage Google Analytics and Adwords all at once instead of separately. Once you add a GTM code on your website, the extension automatically will act as a third-party and handle all your script-tags. The program even lets you show your ads to visitors over and over again. Its key features include:

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Simplifies the management of Google tags
  • Supports dynamic remarketing
  • Supports multi-stores and multi-languages

8. Banner SliderVying for attention and pulling in consideration of your potential clients is all together with a different story. Being fully responsive, the banner slider allows businesses to include a comprehensive bunch of sliders with unlimited pictures. In fact, you can even think of including a full-screen picture slider to your landing page for better marketing or adding a slider to the cart to advance potential strategically pitch the items. Its key features include:

  • Easy installation
  • Unlimited image slides
  • Design every slider with your own topic, styles, and format
  • Add sliders to explicit stores
  • Displays banner at the storefront
  • Add a button text with the button link
  • Define the slider position as you want to display them
  • Provide a short description according to your banner title
  • Manage the whole slider collection in the backend

9. Product Label– Product label helps you in creating attractive labels and allows you to add them automatically on your homepage, category, product, wishlist, search result, and several other custom pages. Adding labels with enticing offers for products which are new, freshly stocked or offered at discount rates. This allows us to easily inform your customers about all the upcoming or ongoing offers, which ultimately helps to generate more sales. In addition to this, you can add your own customized text and image for product labels or utilize attractive pre-made designs that are included with the extension. You can set the label color, shape, and style according to your store theme or personal preferences.

10. Facebook Comments for Magento 2- This extension is quite interesting as it permits your customers to add customer reviews or product pages and share them without much hassle. You can customize and embed your customers’ Facebook comment. Customers can also duplicate reviews from product pages to Facebook. Its core features include:

  • Make your product pages more engaging
  • Your customers don’t have to login or sign up to give a review on the webshop. They can post comments right away on the product page.

11. FAQ– When visiting an online store, every customer has a query regarding something on the site, and they need an appropriate answer. In case, if merchants are not readily available to reply urgent questions; customers end up losing their patience, waiting for a response and switch to your competitors. Frequently asked questions are an easy way to comfort customers and answer all their urgent questions. A page is added that consists of all FAQs along with the responses. Its key features include:

  • Separate page
  • Add any number of FAQs
  • Add A FAQ with store view visibility
  • Easy configuration
  • Fully responsive theme
  • Format / Highlight answers with WYSIWYG editor

12. Brand– Managing numerous manufacturers and selling their items through an on the online store is not easy. The brand extension lets store owners display brand logos on their website effectively using blocks, templates, layouts, and widgets, thereby gaining user trust and credibility. This extension, in particular, is quite valuable when it comes to get brands and producers highlighted in your store according to your necessities. In addition to this, setting up a brand’s logo slider on various pages with an alternate arrangement. Set up boundless brands without much of a stretch. Its features include:

  • Empowers different brand’s properties
  • Display brands effectively using blocks, templates, and layout
  • Use widget to include the brand’s posting quicker
  • Gives multi-support

13. Promotions Manager for Magento 2 This extension allows you to simplify your online store promotion management by adding actions and columns to the price rules grid. For instance, you can add a number of rules and a discount column on the grid. Its features include:

  • No need to edit each rule separately
  • Create a lot of similar rules, create one, duplicate it and use it as a template for other price rules
  • Easily delete cart price rules and obsolete coupons which aren’t needed anymore

14. WhatsApp Chat– Customers have tons of questions when making specific purchases or ordering a product online. To resolve their queries, they always want to get an immediate response instead of spending more time talking to customer support, raising a request for assistance. With the extension, customers can use this feature to contact the store owner on their mobile and web. Easy to use, customize the contact button by uploading an image, setting a position for the contact button, flawless customizations are its key features to take into consideration.

15. Testimonials– Last but certainly not the least, the Magento 2 extension shows that the network trusts your image or site, has great surveys and upbeat clients. It comprises of an individual’s composed or spoken proclamation lauding the temperance of an item. The extension permits to demonstrate testimonials on the frontend of your Magento 2 store, with a slider mode. User-friendly design, adding testimonials can be hassle-free, widget tool are its core features.

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