Web development means any website web page that is developed to execute on web and accessed anywhere in the world over the internet.

Today, web development is a trend itself. Every day we see new innovations on the web. Evolving from Asp.net to Vue.js, simple html to html 5, website with few pages to dynamic and responsive websites, the world of web development has been revolutionized at a fast pace.

Other various changes that we have seen on web includes the introduction of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence, to name a few. This is not it. The web trends are continuously changing and amazing us with every new update.

And so, more and more individuals are getting into the field of web development to be benefited with the charms. Besides the cool stuff web developers can do as a part of their jobs, they are also handsomely paid. So, if you are among those individuals who are seeking career opportunities in web development, you must also be aware of the current web development trends. Otherwise, you will be left far behind and you will see the charms vanishing since you were not able to keep up with the fast pace of the career you chose.

To stay up with the current trends, you can watch videos, read articles, or get trending web developer certifications time to time. You can also join online groups and forums and keep yourself updated with the knowledge being shared there. Other good option is to sign up for online boot camp and learn emerging technologies and tools there. Also, to help you out with the latest trends of 2019, here we are adding top web development trends of 2019.

Now, your responsibility is to learn about these trends, get the required skills, and start rising, shining, and eventually ruling.

Top Web Development Trends of 2019

Progressive Web Apps

Today, responsive websites are a past story and to keep up with the latest trends, being responsive isn’t enough. Now, websites are designed to be progressive to work like native mobile applications but on the web. Hence, it is important to design a website that is progressive. This mean a website should identify the browser and adapt to adapt to its screen size and other specifications as well.

Blockchain Technology

We live in the age of bitcoins. So, when I mention Blockchain Technology in the current web trends, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Blockchain is introduced and designed for cost-cutting, enhance the flow of cash, and decrease the occurrence of transaction settlement. These are all the reasons it has become the need of today and is being utilized globally on a large scale.

AI and Bots

Another web trend that you will see rising and staying is the use of Artificial intelligence. Automation in performing multiple tasks, analytics solutions, and AI-powered communication is here to stick. Every smart web developer and big organizations have understood the need and benefits of introducing AI in web development. They are also adapting to the trend to guarantee uniformity in chat, voice, and messaging on websites.

Frontend Frameworks

Html and CSS are old school now. If you are not updating your skills with current scripting languages like Angular, Vue, and React, you are leaving yourself behind. To get a good name in the industry, it is suggested for web developers to learn these languages and work on them to give a kick to their career as a web developer. Also, these frameworks have tools to bring automation and make user experience smooth and more efficient.

Mobile-Friendly Website

This trend is not new but on-going. Since Google has added mobile friendly websites in its ranking factors, this has become significantly important to build mobile-friendly websites. This helps in these websites to run painlessly on smartphones just like on desktop. They have defined touch pointers to sense the touch for easy navigation.

Single Page Application

Why build a whole website when all you need is a SPA i.e. Single-page application? A SPA is build using JS to work on different user devices efficiently. The reason why it is on our list is its capability to make apps work incredibly faster and smoother. It enhances performance by decreasing interruptions that occur because of the reloading of the page reloading. SPA also reduces the time to develop a web app by decreasing the dependency of the app loading from server time.

Cross-platform Applications

Today, we all use different devices to access the same website. This implies the need of web apps that don’t only adapt the size and functionality of desktop but also mobiles, iPads, tablets, and more. So, we got this trend of having and building cross-platform apps to work on all kind of devices easily.

Serverless Applications

Another trend in developing and designing web applications is making it serverless. Nobody really cares about managing applications using server. With the introduction of serverless frameworks such as Nuclio, it has become the choice of the day. These serverless frameworks help you in using cloud to minimize the workload, enhance scaling, and also in cost cutting by avoiding useless expenditure on resources required for servers. You can choose any cloud platform between Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform for your applications.


With the increased number of data breaches, cyber attacks, and data thefts occurring online, the need of adapting cybersecurity has become crucial. Today, more and more organizations are opting cybersecurity in their infrastructure to keep their data safe and secure and avoid any potential harm or loss. Therefore, web developers and web development companies are also being advised to plan cybersecurity measures before developing an app. They are also responsible to do testing in order to be 100% sure that they have not left any glitch in their application. Thus, cybersecurity is another big yet staying web development trends of 2019 that should be practiced.

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