A website mock-up forms the face of a web development project while in the design stage. A well-planned custom web design and structure is vital for increasing the market of the company, capturing the loyalty of the customers, maintaining a positive image, improving conversion rates, and raising sales.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the elements that will leave your web design mock-up vibrant. These things are discussed as follows:

  1.  Description of the tasks, goals and potential customers

A thorough description of the tasks, goals and target audience creates a clear understanding of the website project and makes planning for future tasks more precise. Here you are required to give a very brief description of the respective website mock-up project, a list of some websites to be used for assessment by the designers, measurable goals that your website aims for, a clear explanation of the prospective audience using the website, and finally the main information that you will share with your target audience.

  1.  Clear analysis of the project and other information

This is an essential element that designers pay attention to every time they create any website mock-up. This requires you to give a clear analysis of the project subject, your competitors’ analysis, an analysis of your business requirements, and finally an analysis concerning web design inspiration obtained from other website designers.

  1.  Precise planning

Precise planning at the beginning of the web design process makes an easy path toward achieving the intended results. It is one way of accurately calculating and reducing the price. It is true that for every hour that is spent in planning, more than three hours are saved in the development stage. Planning entails things like the function of the website, the structure of the website, the structure of the page and specifications that mainly involve the summary of the gathered information.

  1.  Sketches and deliberating ideas

Sketches play a big role when starting a website design mock-up. It is advisable to ignore all the visual elements and focus on coming up with great ideas for the respective website. The text and images are replaced with blocks and lines. Also, it is considered better to make drawings of a number of rough sketches reflecting your idea, reducing them to several ones and finally checking whether you are doing the correct thing.

  1.  Indication of realistic experience by using wireframes

Wireframes form a common visual presentation of the website mock-up. They work by displaying the page structure with the absence of colors and mostly any graphics. This makes it possible for the website developers and designers to introduce things like graphic elements, features, the structure and respective content of the website mock-up by using simple layouts. The elements in wireframes are arranged and displayed for the purpose of introducing the structure, hierarchy, functionality, behavior, content, and breakpoints of the website mock-up.

  1.  Wire frame prototyping for describing the performance

This is an essential thing to look for in your website design mock-up. It helps the client have a clear understanding of the working function of your website. It makes it easier to describe the performance of the website. Prototyping allows one to review a project before he/she spends time and money on doing technical development.

  1.  Notion of the modular grid

This involves dividing the respective page into different vertical columns, followed by the alignment of the website content accordingly. It is advisable to create layouts that are based on the grid, as it will play a vital role in accelerating development operations in the future.

  1.  Mobile first

Mobile first is another essential thing to look for in a website design mock-up. It is a design process that entirely involves starting with simple layouts for screens that are small, followed by adding complexity as the available screen size increases. A big screen makes it possible to place content without any problems. Therefore, it is considered best to start with small screens which will give a clear implication of components and elements that are so important.

  1.  Development of user interface (UI)

UI helps in creating a visual mock-up that is best in showing the customer the layout of a finished website, A web development company will provide you a best option among all the layouts. It does this by demonstrating accurate font sizes, colors, and required placement of all the navigation blocks and the elements that relate to each other. There’re also some resources available for each and every layout for UI like Homepage layout, Service page layout, Login UI layout. and many more.

  1.  Mood Board

A mood board is an essential thing to look for in a web design mock-up as it plays a major role in determining visual and color components in the website project. It is referred to as an imaginary canvas in which the design clippings (such as fonts, icons, patterns, buttons and other related graphic elements) are gathered. All of these things are what creates the required mood map.

  1.  Slicing, guides and UI kits

This is the final thing that should look for in a website design mock-up. Slicing involves the preparation of graphics and cutting them in regard to the technical requirements. On the other hand, guides involve the creation of interactive guidelines to the designed mock-ups for the purpose of carrying out the necessary technical details. Finally, UI kits entail the creation of a work file that consists of the interactive components such as text fields, sliders and much more.

Thus, the above 11 things form the main requirement for a successful web design mock-up.

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