Web hosting is necessary for the proper functioning of your website. Depending on your needs, you need to find which web hosting is the right one for you. If you are not sure what web hosting and cloud hosting are, then keep reading because we are going to do our best to help you learn the basic differences. We will help you find out more and decide which option is better for you. 

Web Hosting Explained

You have probably heard this term dozens of times, but you simply cannot be sure what does it entail. Basically, the web host will be a place for your files to be stored and displayed. This means that when a user starts looking for something, they will look you up by using your domain name and then display the items you have stored there. 

If you choose a classic web hosting, all the files you have will be stored on one server. Now, the server type you will choose depends solely on your specific requirements. Factors such as the amount of traffic on your website or your website size will determine the package you should choose. You can choose between shared and dedicated hosting. Check out Hostens.com to see what kinds of packages are available. 

Hostens.com is TIER III certified web hosting company that guarantees data safety. Check great offers of affordable web hosting plans. You can start with a monthly plan S10, which is under 1 USD per month.

Shared hosting refers to the package when the owner can use a part of the server and shares it with other users. Numerous websites can be stored on a single server and the main advantage of why the users choose this type is the price. It is much lower than other options. 

On the other hand, the security risks are higher, which is not a big of a problem for small websites with little traffic but can be a problem for large websites where lots of files are stored. Dedicated hosting refers to having your website on one server that is used only by your company. It gives the owner a chance to have more control and a bigger sense of security. The main disadvantage is the price.

Cloud Computing Explained

With cloud computing, you can get the necessary computing services online. The payments are made monthly or yearly. It is basically renting access to the applications or storage you need. The service is provided by the cloud service provider. The great thing about it is that the company can know in advance the expected expenses for maintaining the IT infrastructure, which can be a great advantage. With cloud computing, you can get the service without being anywhere near the computer hardware. 

The services that we know about such as Netflix and Gmail are cloud computing. The main concept that lies behind cloud computing is the service location so that the user doesn’t have to worry about the operating system or the hardware. The reason why companies like cloud hosting are because it is a much faster way and it is pretty transparent and upfront about the costs that you need to pay. The applications that are only used at a certain time of the year, which results with large peaks, cloud computing is a much better option than the classic web hosting. There is also the question of security. Even though security breaches are rare, it is necessary to be aware of this aspect. In general, cloud computing will be secure as much as your systems are secure. 

The main differences

Now that we explained the main characteristics of both web hosting and cloud computing, it is necessary to make sure that the differences are well explained. We have outlined the three main differences that will help you make the decision. There is no doubt that both of these options are good, but of course, slight differences exist. Keep reading to find out more. The essential differences are:

  1. The organization– The shared hosting service uses servers to store the data that you will be used with other clients. The security is on a pretty high level, but the speed of your website may be slowed down if a company stores too many websites on their server. The dedicated server is used only by one user which gives greater control. On the other hand, cloud computing is a little bit more complex. It uses multiple servers, which increases speed. 
  2. The dynamics– As previously mentioned, cloud computing uses multiple servers so the dynamic is much faster. It is great for people who want to store their data on the server and have a great performance continuously.
  3. The price– This is always an important factor to consider. Shared web hosting is a much more affordable option for people who want to have access to pretty good features and who don’t have too high traffic levels. On the other hand, cloud hosting is ideal for people who have spikes in the traffic at a certain period. The fact that the website can be easily mitigated to another server is very comforting and will bring you peace of mind knowing that your data will be safe. Of course, this comes at a much higher price but it all depends on your goals and preferences. 

Make a decision based on your demands and the size of your website. Take advantage of both pros and cons and simply choose the option you are most comfortable with. The best way you can choose between these two options is to put your requirements on paper, so you can look for the appropriate solution accordingly. 

While some companies consider finances, others will appreciate the speed or some other features. If you are not sure about the choice you should make, consult a professional who will be able to tell you more about what you need to know. We hope our guide will help you to make a decision you will be satisfied with and choose the hosting service that will support your needs and help you achieve the success you want!

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