For eCommerce stores, nothing is more important than driving customers to the checkout page. This section of a website brings revenues. Many customers leave the business domain on entering the checkout process. Shopping cart abandonment is the hard reality that costs online businesses   thousands of dollars in declining sales. As more people are inclining towards shopping online besides shopping through physical stores, it is crucial for eCommerce businesses to optimize the major revenue generating section of their websites.

At least 69% of the shoppers abandon their carts without making any purchase.

A minor increment in conversion rate can maximize revenues tremendously. Today we are going to find out ways for optimizing checkout page of an eCommerce store.

Improve outlook of the checkout page

A visually appealing checkout page can bring many fortunes to your business. Customers tend to attract by amazing visuals and structured layout of a web page. If the layout is fabricated perfectly, with excellent blend of colors and distinguished typography, it will successfully draw the attention of customers. A smooth navigation in the checkout page is optimal. Also, the design and visuals should not be distracting, as customers may lose interest in making the purchase.

Restrict Shipping Methods

The elements on the checkout page of your online store should be optimized according to the target audience. Payment gateways have a vital role in today’s business world. It’s a secure and rapid way of transferring payments without any hassle.

For optimal optimization of checkout page, the restriction of payment methods is important. In this regard, Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions extension offers a variety of options to make smooth transactions possible. It allows limiting products to specific payment gateways to products, specific customer groups, product categories and much more.

By restricting shipping methods, merchants can reduce complications that often occurred due to the limited scope of payment gateways. Limiting customers groups to utilize specific payment gateways will secure a better shopping experience.

Ensure Secure Payment Methods

Let your shoppers feel secured when they are up for making purchase decisions. The secured transaction processes on your website will increase the integrity of your business. Delayed orders and complicated fund transfer processes lead to uncertainty, so make sure that you have integrated the trustworthy and reliable payment gateways in your checkout page.

In addition, leverage your customers by offering wish list option. This will allow them to save their shopping carts for placing orders later. These days modern eCommerce stores are providing these flexibilities to retain their loyal customers.

Leverage in shipping and returns

Your customers will be more than happy if they find discounts in shipping services. It is ideal for startups to reduce their shipping rates, besides getting minimal profits from sold items. Customer love spending less money against their purchases and many of them convert instantly when they see reduced shipping rates. Meanwhile, you are keeping your process competitive, keeping your shipping rates very low or free will give you edge over your competitors. The products associated with higher profit margins will cover your shipping rates ultimately and it will have a big impact on your business.

Make sure your eCommerce store offers a solid return policy. If your customers are not happy with the purchased product, they should have a flexibility of returning the product and get their money back. Most of the customers leave bad reviews based on the poor quality of the product or the wrong product shipped by the ecommerce stores. Without a robust return policy, they will have no choice instead of harming the reputation of a particular business domain. A functional return policy will save your business credibility and will retain customers’ trust.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Instead of exploring websites through personal computers, people tend to make online searches through their mobile devices. These days many customers prefer to place online orders through their smart phones. It is more important for merchants to optimize their online presence. The layout of a checkout page associated with an eCommerce store should be fully compatible and with those devices and customers can make purchases smoothly.

Add Custom Checkout Fields

The less clicks to the checkout page leads to optimal user experience. As, the visitors have to follow the least number of step to the check page, the possibility of generating more conversions hugely increases. Similarly, optimizing checkout field for the convenience of customers provides an advantage in making massive profits. Magento 2 Custom Checkout Fields extension provides you the flexibility of modifying the checkout fields according to the user perspective.  It allows merchants to customize checkout fields for gathering necessary personal information from customers.

Acquiring only the nominal information essentially for security and marketing purposes is considerably important; however, making it hard for customers to place orders could annoy your customers. Also, try to provide leverage by introducing customize-able fields like a date picker, multi select option, check-boxes and radio buttons etc.

Final Words

It is ideal to make use of single page checkout process as they are precise and customers can easily execute transactions. All the fields are present on a single page and only less number of clicks is required to complete the action. Also, allow guests to place orders and illuminate the sign-up forms at the checking process. There are other numerous ways for optimizing the checkout page and increasing your conversion rates, which may be specific to your business needs and consumer behavior. However, you are required to put efforts to engender more productivity.






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