User experience (UX) testing is an important aspect of designing websites, apps, and other platforms. It’s something businesses do to learn about how an audience reacts to interacting with the business and it can help improve the final product they release to the public. UX testing is complex and it’s much more involved than deciding whether or not consumers using the site. So what does this testing involve and why is it so important?

What does UX testing involve?

When businesses invest in usability testing software or conduct UX testing in person, they’re looking to improve their product — whether it’s a business’ website, a new smartphone app, or an e-commerce site. By testing the experience real people have with these platforms, companies can reduce the risk of failure and make their product better overall.

There are a few different ways to conduct UX testing, and each business may do it differently. Still, each type of UX testing should include a few important aspects. First, it should always include an impression test, which looks at the first impression people have when they see the product or interact with the website — companies can quickly learn what kind of reaction their design evokes. After all, first impressions are essential for businesses.

Another component of UX testing is a comparison test. This can put a business’ product up to the test against other similar products. For example, a company may have participants use their website and a competitor’s website and ask for feedback on both experiences. The results of this test can show businesses if consumers prefer their design over a competitors or not. Companies may also utilize surveys to get a better understanding of feedback consumers have to offer regarding their experience interacting with the business and its product.

How is UX testing done?

UX testing involves a variety of components that are all designed to help a business better understand how their products are perceived by consumers. This testing can be done in-person or online, depending on the product and how the company can best reach its target audience.

Generally, a company will ask at least five consumers to test their site or app. The company will give the participants tasks to complete and will look at how easily the tasks are completed — consumers will be observed so the business can gather objective data. Things businesses often look for during UX testing include social proof, ease of navigation, clear understanding of where product information is, and how credible the site seems. Getting feedback from consumers every step of the way can help pinpoint problem areas, especially if the business observers can clearly see that navigating a certain element is difficult.

Why is UX testing important?

Conducting UX testing is important for businesses to better understand what their audience wants and expects from them. While businesses may know what their audience is looking for, that’s not always completely accurate. Getting real feedback from consumers can help businesses improve their website or app to ensure they’re actually meeting consumer expectations.

When a company works on a project for a long time, it can be all too easy for them to get tunnel vision and not realize an easy way to improve. This is why feedback is so important. Having insight from people outside of the company, including potential customers, can make a big difference. This is especially true since consumers are the ones who are going to be navigating the site or using the app.

UX testing should be done and repeated until a company feels their final product is as best as it can be. Businesses should truly take consumer feedback to heart so they can have the best chance of success possible.

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